Common Questions

A KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, video monitor, and mouse.  Previously KVM's were mostly seen in data centers but in recent years have expanded to the consumer market due to the number of video devices that many homeowners use (computers, streaming devices, game consoles, security systems, etc.)
A KVM is different from an HDMI switch by adding the keyboard and mouse functionality. HDMI switches are very inexpensive because they are very limited in functionality. If a computer is one of the many inputs that need to be managed, a KVM will be the preferred device.
Yes. If you have issues with functionality, please try the USB2.0 port. Please note that using the USB 2.0 port will disallow keyboard hotkeys for switching. Only dedicated keyboard/mouse ports have hotkey functionality.
Please email us at and describe your computer environment. If we are unable to resolve the issue, we can provide a new device to confirm the problems are specific to that unit or initiate a hassle-free return.
No, the KVM does not have built in Bluetooth. Therefore any Bluetooth device will bypass the KVM and connect directly to the computers. For example Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard will not connect to the KVM. If you can connect the device to a USB dongle then connecting this to the USB 2.0 port of the KVM it could work.
Keyboards that do not have a scroll lock button like Apple dedicated keyboards will need to change the hotkey command to [Right CTRL] button. You can make this change by holding down the select button for about 15 sec (or until the KVM beeps). Or using the command [Scroll Lock+Scroll Lock+F1] using another compatible keyboard. Rigth Ctrl is now the hotkey command.
Yes, here are our options for Dual Monitor KVMs. Each computer needs 2 video connections for the dual monitors to work. Whichever one needs the least amount of adapter is the best option.
Yes its not an issue. Check out this article to help you connect the single input to correlate to right output.
Yes, please see the list of approved connectors for each protocol.
Yes. They support all 21:9 and 16:9 monitors.
The second generation chipset has a wider range of compatibility (A2U) most keyboards have passed our testing. If the keyboard is not compatible then the USB 2.0 port can be used. All keyboards and mice will work through the USB2.0 port but they will not have hotkey functionality.
Using the hotkey command: Scroll Lock, Scroll Lock, F11.
Due to robust demand, we typically ship the products airfreight. This has caused issues with hazardous goods regulations. The remote requires a CR2025 battery, which can be found at most convenience and grocery stores.
Press the number that corresponds to the input that you would like to select. Press “P” to turn on/off the autoscan feature. The remote is designed to be used across several models so only certain buttons will function with your device.
Most models have the ability to reassign Scroll Lock to Right-CTRL. Please refer to the manuals for the hotkey instructions. All manuals are listed here.
Absolutely. Each port is equipped with EDID. The switch will adjust the resolution for each port based on the capabilities of the input device and monitor. If Port 1 has a computer that can only provide 1920x1080, you can also have a computer in Port 2 at 3840x2160. The switch will send the appropriate resolution to the monitor. Likewise, if one computer requires an adapter such as VGA to HDMI, you can continue to use a normal HDMI cable on the other ports. Please note that your monitor will need to accept 3840x2160 to achieve that resolution.
We have tested several Mac computers (2018 Macbook Pro, 2012 Mac Mini, 2008 MacPro) and have not had issues. That said, recent versions of MacOS (since High Sierra and Mojave) limit the refresh rate of external monitors to 30 hz. The resolution limitation is not an issue with the KVM but a software limitation of Apple's operating system. There are several workarounds posted on the internet. M1 Macs have a single monitor limitation that will require a docking station with display link software to operate dual monitors. We have a video dedicated to this here.
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