5 Benefits of KVM Switches

Posted on by Justin Milligan

5 Benefits of KVM Switches

What is a KVM Switch?

A KVM switch is named after its main components, i.e., keyboard, video, and mouse. Through the use of a KVM switch, a user can control multiple computers with just one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. The switches also come with peripherals, such as USB devices and audio.

KVM Switch HDMI comes in many varieties, such as HDMI KVM Switch 2 Port and 8 Port HDMI Switch. The former will have two input ports as its name suggests while the latter includes eight. The cost will vary on the number of ports and other characteristics of the switch.


How Does it Work?

What is the Function of a KVM Switch? A simple KVM switch usually consists of a box with four buttons on it. You can use those buttons – or your number pad on the keyboard – to move from screen to screen. For instance, with four monitors, one can be labeled 1, the next one 2, and so on. So, hitting the #1 key will switch to the first monitor.

Do the switches sound incredibly useful? Not just yet? That’s understandable. Below we list the KVM Top benefits for you.


What are the Benefits of KVM Switches?

High Efficiency

Regardless of the industry you belong to, a KVM switch will be most useful in a place where numerous machines are in use simultaneously. Imagine removing the additional keyboards and mice and just keeping the necessary equipment. Wouldn’t that increase the overall efficiency of your operations? Moreover, by choosing the KVM Switch Best Buy, you also bring down the cost associated with the purchase of unnecessary devices. Switching between servers in the server room becomes more manageable with the help of KVM switches.

Additionally, IT equipment that is usually kept in remote locations, such as servers, routers, network appliances, blades, network switchboards, power distribution units, firewalls, and load balancers, becomes easier to manage. This is highly important for the smooth running of command and control operations in the military, defense, and other government departments.

With technology like the KVM Ethernet and Bluetooth KVM, these switches take connectivity to new heights. In the past, when a computer stopped working, the IT staff member had to be in physical proximity to get it back online. With the switches, they can reach the BIOS of the malfunctioning machine from anywhere. This reduces the downtime dramatically, saving you money and time. A similar option is still unavailable as part of software-based remote access solutions.


Improved Business Continuity

As connectivity improves due to a Rackmount USB Hub, so does business continuity. Say, the corporate network goes down. During an emergency, it would still be possible for IT personnel to manage, access, and control the company servers. Moreover, advanced techniques like AES, Smart Card authentication, and FIPS 140-2, encrypt the data before it is transmitted. Therefore, your data remains secure, making KVM switches even more valuable.


Better Security

Speaking of better security, the KVM switches are constructed for providing multi-level access. This prevents unauthorized admittance to the network, isolates data into multiple domains, and restricts switching between video and data.

Moreover, users have access to both secure and unsecured networks on the same system. This removes the need for purchasing and installing two different systems for the purpose. Besides user data protection and isolating data channels, KVM HDMI USB switches also offer secure port swapping.


Extended Desktop Experience without Trade-Offs

Often solutions that allow an extended desktop experience won’t perform as well in other areas. For instance, employees that use computers for video editing often find they cannot do other tasks on their machine simultaneously. The Switch 4K optimizes a station’s performance for 4K post-production jobs. HDMI Video Switcher will allow users to access workstations and edit and make visual changes. They may switch between multiple computers but remain connected to a single controlled storage system.

Another feature of KVM switches is that they reduce the cost spent on hardware and software. This simplifies post-production further.


Improved Productivity

Work productivity increases with just one monitor, mouse, and keyboard being used across several computers. No more tangled masses of cables or connecting and disconnecting from one port to another. The KVM Switch 8 Port with Monitor offers eight ports for connectivity!



If you have ever visited a paper mill, you may be familiar with its dusty and dirty environment. It wouldn’t suit sensitive computer equipment. Creating protected control rooms and placing computers in them can be expensive. There will also be a need for maintaining the space etc. With the use of KVM switches, industries not only save money on environmental control. They will also conserve space. Since the switches can be used to remotely monitor various production processes, the processes will also become more efficient.

Similarly, KVM switches are also used in the semiconductor industry. The switches prevent the contamination of the fab plant. Integration of circuits requires a clean, sterile environment. KVM Switch 8 Port HDMI can make that possible!

When it comes to the aviation industry, KVM switches play an important role there too. They are used to create redundancies in the system and make mission-critical applications more secure. If a primary system fails, the KVM acts as a backup. Air traffic control towers also use KVM switches to conserve space on the desks of controllers.

Finally, in the defense industry, NIAP-certified KVM switches are used. They make it safer for users to switch between computers from various networks.

The certified KVM is more secure on both hardware and software fronts. For the former, you will find a tape that shows the evidence of tampering clearly. Any chassis intrusion is also detected quickly. Restricted USB connectivity has an important part to play in software security. Each channel accessible via the port of a KVM switch prevents data transfer between secure and unsecured computers. Thus, these switches have both physical security and customizable USB connectivity.

KVM switches save space, reduce cost, and increase security. But as evident, those are just some of their qualities. Are you thinking of investing in KVM switches for your company? Contact us if you have any queries!