8 of the Best Video Switcher Qualities that Ensure Brilliant Live Productions

Posted on by David Javier

8 of the Best Video Switcher Qualities that Ensure Brilliant Live Productions

With a video switcher, like a KVM switch, users can choose between different video sources due to the HD Video Port. Here are eight qualities that ensure that a video switcher aids in brilliant live productions:


The scalability of a good quality video switcher gives the client a choice between spending money only upon need. Due to this capability, users can choose to purchase solutions that both satisfy their requirements and fit within their budgets.

Instant Access

Another great quality that makes video switchers so useful in live production is that they allow instant access due to being connected to backup or redundant servers. During live production, an operator can easily make instantaneous changes to run down lists. If a system failure occurs or a production must be edited due for breaking news, switchers can save the day with redundancy.

Ease of Use

For live CAM productions, producers had to use one monitor per camera. But a KVM switch can be used to plug multiple cameras and display the picture on one monitor. You can add as many cameras as there are ports on a switcher. You can control which angle (or CAM) will show up in which box, using the buttons on the KVM switch. You may also view one angle at a time and switch between them or see all the views at once. A USB Port HDMI switcher is designed to stream video in a quick and precise manner.

Extreme Reliability

Reliability is a prized quality when it comes to live production video switchers. How impressed do you think your clients would be if your setup failed while at a live event? Moreover, when you buy cheap switchers, you aren’t just risking losing clients. You are also bringing the rest of your equipment closer to a technical failure!

These days, customer experience is everything. If you want to leave your viewers satisfied, you can only depend on a reliable HDMI video switcher. With a high-quality switcher, you can run your operation in a worry-free manner. Don’t take a chance or you could be spending the whole-time troubleshooting errors.

So, what properties should a reliable video switcher have? Firstly, it shouldn’t suffer technical failures. Secondly, in case of a failure or a human error, the switcher should be able to switch to another server. Features of redundancy, such as four or more ways of switching between screens, are a necessity in these devices. They minimize single points of failure.

Exceptional Switching Speed

There are many benefits (Insert Link) of the KVM Keyboard Video Mouse switches. No matter how many ports they come with, we expect these switches to have one thing in common. Seamless switching that delivers full HD content immediately. A switcher worth its cost will also maintain the dimensions of each screen after a shift. If your productions are to stand out, they cannot be burdened with sub-par equipment.

The difference between a product made for consumers and one for professional use lies in the latency of the switch. For instance, the delay between the feed from each camera going into the switch and then going out to the monitor is called latency. Latency becomes an issue, for instance, when you are conducting a multi-cam interview. Say, one of the monitors is meant for your client. You may become distracted while checking that screen since the audio would be reaching you on time while the client’s mouth doesn’t seem to move in accordance with it.

The Right Number of Ports

Before you decide to purchase your switcher, figure out the number of ports you’ll need. For instance, if you want it for use at home, you may be all set with four ports. Similarly, for users who don’t have many devices, a four-port switch will do fine.  Not many users, except for professionals or serious hobbyists will need more than four ports. If that’s you, think about buying our 8-port or 16-port switch models.

Remember, as we mentioned before, as the number of ports increases, so will the cost of the switcher. So, if you all need is to connect a TV and two or more gaming consoles through your switch, why splurge on a 16-port one? Instead, go for an eight-port switch. However, if you have something a little different in mind, such as planning to use your switch as a primary hub, you can go ahead and splurge. Then connect all the house’s in-wall Ethernet ports to the switch and enjoy!

Professional Quality Construction

To create professional looking live productions with a 4 Port HDMI Switch with Audio Outputs and Remote, you must have the right equipment. A top-notch video switcher is essential if you want the result to have both high-quality video and audio. For professionals in this field, it is usually not enough to meet the customer’s expectations but surpass them altogether. The video switcher you choose should be good enough to help you retain customers!

Besides that, it is important that you not only establish your brand as a known leader in your industry. You will have to consistently deliver quality work each time. A pro-quality video switcher can make this feat possible.

When in the market, you should look for:

  • Industrial design with high-quality construction meant to last
  • Expertly created audio inputs for great quality audio to accompany your HD video
  • A 4K video resolution, so you won’t have to trade in your switcher for a new model too soon
Integrated Control Mechanism and Interoperability

A device, such as the KVM Switch 4 Ports, must have an integrated control mechanism. Combining various KVM products with broadcasting equipment should be easy and take place efficiently, so that together they create one big, seamless system.

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