Think you have a perfect setup? Think again.

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Think you have a perfect setup? Think again.

BuyTESmart is happy to announce the release of two new TESmart Dual Monitor KVMs: the HDK0402A1U and HKS0402A1U. The launch of these models is aptly timed to help optimize your work-from-home (WFH) setup. They allow you to seamlessly integrate your work computer and home computer while saving space and eliminating the need to unplug/re-plug cables to use different computer monitors, keyboards, webcams, etc. As we all know, clean and efficient workspaces make working from home just a little more palatable during these trying times.

Please take a minute to read the following highlights and watch our introduction video and we think you’ll see this as the perfect work-from-home dual monitor KVM switch. No drivers are needed to ensure it will comply with your IT department’s security policies. We firmly believe these are the best 2020 dual monitor KVMs for the money.

We haven’t forgotten about the gamers either. These models can be considered a gaming KVM switch and ideal for those trying to elevate your workspace space for those behind-the-scenes videos on Twitch. Check out the blazing speeds TESmart Dual Monitor KVMs can get for those high refresh rate monitors.

Those Sweet Specs…

TESmart’s 2020 KVM for dual monitors include their second-generation chipset that has passthrough mode for better mouse and keyboard functionality. Most wired, wireless, mechanical and gaming keyboards are supported, along with multimedia, function keys & hotkey switches. BuyTESmart has detailed the testing results of our ever-growing keyboard library here.

Both models include video resolutions up to 4K60hz (3840 × 2160) on each monitor simultaneously, giving you the ultimate dual monitor experience. Moreover, gamers seeking better game play will find the faster refresh rates at lower resolutions appealing. Our tests have achieved 144hz for both QHD (2560 x 1440) and FHD, aka 1080P (1920 x 1080).

Keeping the WFH (“work-from-home”) employees in mind, both the HDK0402A1U and HKS0402A1U models support teleconferencing with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Skype, etc. There is an analog audio output to connect external speakers or headphones and a USB2.0 port to use other devices such as your webcam, printer, jump drive etc. We do recommend using a powered USB hub if you need to connect multiple USB devices.

Other key features are the two operating modes: Mode 1 and Mode 2. Mode 1, which we call Extended Desktop KVM Mode has one computer on both monitors. This is what most multi-taskers are looking for on a daily basis. Then we have Mode 2, where you have one computer on one monitor and the other computer on the other monitor simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial for cross-platform developers and gamers that want to monitor Twitch streams in real-time. Switching back and forth is as easy as pushing the button on the KVM switch or using keyboard hotkeys or grabbing the included IR remote control. This flexibility makes these dual monitor KVM switches essential for most households and likely will be voted best KVM in 2020.

2 Models? What’s the difference?

The only difference between the KVM switch dual monitors (HDK0402A1U & HKS0402A1U) is that one requires two HDMI connections and the other requires HDMI and DisplayPort connections. In total each PC will have three connections from the PC to the KVM. It is important to note that dual monitor KVM’s need both video inputs for any dual monitor KVM with HDMI. The USB connection is necessary for the mouse and keyboard and other USB devices plugged into the KVM directly. Our website has a plethora of resources like a list of tested/approved adapters that you might need to connect your computers and monitors.

So How Does It Work?

Take a moment to watch our 5-minute introduction and demonstration video for both these KVMs. As always, we are available to assist customers in their buying process and with after-sale service via our contact page. And if, at worst, you aren’t happy has a 30-day no hassle return policy.


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